Sometimes we fail to appreciate how formidable our garage doors are.  They open, they close – we take them for granted.  However, garage doors are the largest mechanical object in most homes; with the bulkiest moving parts.

They also account for approximately 30,000 injuries a year.  With their heavy doors, tightly coiled springs, and moving cables; garage doors can be dangerous.  To paraphrase Aretha Franklin, showing a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T to your garage door can protect you and your family.  Here are 3 things you can do to improve your safety.

Be Reasonable

As you appreciate the benefits of your garage door, never forget how hazardous it can be.   Don’t ever put yourself in jeopardy by standing or walking under a garage door when it’s in motion.   Don’t try to race in or out of your garage through a moving door.  

Also always remember that your garage door is electric.  It can potentially shock or kill you or a loved one if its electrical wiring or parts are mishandled.

Protect Children from Garage Doors

Make sure kids understand that garage doors are not toys.   Don’t let children play with door openers.  When children play with garage door openers they can activate the door and accidents can happen.  Heavy doors can drop on people or property.  Moving door panels can pinch or crush hands and fingers.

In general, kids should be discouraged from playing in and around garages because they can be unsafe places.

Call the Professionals for Repairs

Don’t ever do major garage door maintenance yourself.

Garage doors are dangerous.  Damaged pulleys and cables can drop heavy doors.  Tight spring coils can crush fingers.  Faulty wiring can electrocute you.  It’s best to leave the job to trained, certified technicians.